This exhibition reflects a three-year long creative process that would not have come to fruition without the help and support of the following people:
First and foremost, I’d like to thank my “right-hand woman”, designer Shiran Azran.
Thank you to the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest,
Consul General Dr. Andy David, and Dana Blecher.

To my agent : Dorit Simon – Thank you for your efforts. To my colleagues and friends: Batya Doner, Lerone Lessner, Nitzan Sitzer, Odelia Portogeli, Eilon Armon, Ab Danizel, Karen Zrihen, Shosh Topaz, Yair Weinberg and Liran Pelach – Thank you.

A special thanks to the high-quality printing experts, Sheller Printing Factory who provided essential support in the production of many of the exhibits.
Likewise, I’d like to thank the following printing houses: Lerner, Ducart, Pitkit, Nachlieli, and Bingo Print.

To the talented photographers, Omri Miron and Ascaf  thank you.

I’d like to thank my parents, Rachel and Jacob Mergui, and my family – Meital, Yehonatan and Elad.

This Catalog was published with the generous help of the Israeli National Lottery, Many thanks.